Project Description
This is a project dedicated to providing a free platform to be used by animal rescue organizations. The hope is that this project can fill the void for those rescue groups that can't afford to pay a professional web designer/developer.

This is my first open source project. I hope there will be other developers out there interested in helping animal rescue groups and they will get involved in this project in some way. In order to get the platform to a point where it can start being used I will need some help from others in the community. I have tried to add features that any developer with knowledge of C# and ASP.NET MVC can implement in a weekend. If you are interested in getting involved please contact me. Just let me know where you think your area of expertise is and what feature you'd like to help with. If it is not in the current list, let me know and we can discuss adding it.

Design Decisions
I'm open to suggestions on design of the code. However, there are some things which would take allot of convincing to change. These are C#/MVC/jQuery/SauceDB.

Site Security
I have chosen to use a method of security that may seem backwards when you first look at it. The lower the number, the higher the security. Example, 100 can do more than 200. The reason for this choice is to allow adding additional roles easy. For example, if you have Admin = 1 and Commenter = 2. You can add Contributor = 2 and move commenter to 3 without breaking things.

Some things to keep in mind
  • Keep all the styles in the stylesheet rather than in the views.
  • Don't duplicate code, refactor instead
  • Provide a unit test for your code if possible
  • Follow the conventions used in other areas of the code
  • Methods should be kept small
  • Don't add additional dependencies without asking first
  • Keep it to a single project with a single test project

Database Integration
I have chosen to use a pretty new project as the database communication layer. There are a few very good reasons for doing so. It makes the data integration a breeze. It will do allot for you right out of the box so if you want to get involved in the project I'd suggest you take a look around to see how things are currently being done and mimic those methods. Anther reason I chose this is because it is being developed by a good friend of mine. I have had a good deal of input in it and I feel it is a very good solution. You can find more about it here:

Production Site
You can always see the most recent production build here:

This is intentionally hosted on godaddy with a free hosting account I got when I bought the domain. I think it is a good way of showing how the platform will work in a shared hosting environment.

Lets make this thing a success!

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